Amateur to the rescue!


I'm a seasoned programmer and starting to become a seasoned businessman who's got an interest for artificial intelligence programming.

I haven't done much AI programming, but I've had some thoughts about it, and find the ethics, business and development challenges around it interesting.

In my current business, I don't see it natural that we do much AI development and research, mostly because our focus is that of simpler systems. It also requires a lot of resources to do such work..

So, I'm interested in getting in touch with.. resourceful people who can get something like this started, or join some existing project.

I'm not that experienced in different programming languages (I have a few I prefer), but it would be interesting and challenging to learn something new if such a language would be suitable for AI.

I'm OK with being where I am now, but could be persuaded to move to a different country/state which has 1) high standard of living, 2) respects human rights, in particular, doesn't perform executions or torture and 3) has a liberal and inclusive drug policy 4) can provide a good and safe environment for me and my family.

Down to business: I'd like a sack of cash and a sack of stocks/intellectual property as well as a seat on the board. I also want to retain a position on the board of my current venture and perhaps dabble a bit in that company from time to time.

And maybe stating the obvious, the laws of the country/state must be respected in business matters, as well as international law. Developing something like AI could be a very useful tool, on the other hand, you know...

I can be reached via morten [at] nidelven-it [dot] no.